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The Lotus EID Ram Reward Program

The Lotus Eid Ram reward is Lotus Capital’s way of celebrating the Eid-ul-Adha with our esteemed clients in style.
It is targeted at encouraging a savings habit and creating an opportunity for lucky customers to receive a ram reward for investing in our flagship product ,
the Lotus Halal Investment Fund, in addition to any other return offered by the fund.

This Program has been certified by our shari’ah board as halal.This program is allowed on the conditions that:

1) No price is paid either directly or indirectly for a chance to win a prize in the promo

2) The prize is genuine and real

3) All participants are treated fairly and equally

For more information please reach out to us:

Lagos:  09087058405, 09087058406, 09087058381

Abuja:  09087058409, 08077099556, 08077099558

You can also send an email to invest@lotuscapitallimited.com

Invest or top up your Lotus Halal Investment Fund account within the reward period (June 17th – July 29th, 2019).
New customers will be required to, submit completely filled form, KYC documents (ID card, utility bill and passport photograph) to qualify (fill application form here)

A: This reward program has been certified as halal by the Lotus Capital Sharia’s Board. The shariah board is comprised of independent scholars knowledgeable in Islamic commercial jurisprudence. In addition, a reward program like this only becomes non-permissible where participant lose their stake for participating in the program. In this case whether or not an investor gets a ram, his investment is not lost or affected in any form.

A: Yes, if you are one of the selected investors, a live ram will be delivered to your stated address on the investment form (Nigeria only).

Rams will be delivered between the 31st July to 8th August 2019 .

A: No, your investment with any accrued profit remains subject to a minimum Investment holding period of 6 months.

No, the ram is a gift and your investment is not affected

A:Yes, you must invest a minimum of N50,000 in the Lotus Halal Investment Fund.
To know more about the Halal Investment Fund click here (Insert link to webpage for Halal Investment Fund)or call the numbers above.
To open up a Lotus Halal Investment Fund  (click here here ).
Our bank details to deposit funds for your Halal Investment are :
Account Name : First Trustees / Halal Investment Fund
Account Number : 0005364043
Bank : Guaranty Trust Bank

A: A draw will be conducted on July 29, 2019 to pick 20 investors and all selected investors will be contacted through the phone numbers on their investment form by the 30th of July.

A: No, it is one entry per individual. .

A: No. In a lottery you pay for a ticket for the chance to win something. If you win, you get a prize, if not, you lose your money. This reward is a gift for our customers that will be randomly selected. Even if you are not selected, you will still have your investment.

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