Investment procedure


  1. Download the form for your investment option
  2. Complete and sign account opening forms
  3. Check that the signature signed on the form corresponds with that on the form of identification to be attached i.e passport, national id card, drivers' license
  4. Download and complete the KYC form to be sent with other documents
  5. Investments should be paid into specific product account to any GTB bank nationwide
  6. Customers should send the forms along with evidence of payment (i.e. bank teller), 2 passport photographs, a copy of utility bill and a form of identification to any of our branches

Investment Checklist


  • Duly completed and signed forms
  • Duly completed KYC form (know your customer form)
  • 2 passport photographs
  • A Form of identification e.g passport, driver's license, national identity card
  • Utility bill e.g Electricity, water bill HGH, waste bill
  • Payment teller from GTBank plc

Redemption procedure 


This is the process by which customers can take out some or all of the funds which they have invested in our products.

  1. A redemption form duly completed and signed
  2. Original Halal certificate attached (if investment is Halal fund)
  3. If Investment is in any of our other products-a request letter stating the investment and account details for redemption payment will suffice or fill out the liquidation form for other products
  4. A valid account in the name of the client
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